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Outreach and Engagement

The Charleston Gaillard Center Education Initiative

Promoting education is one of the core values of the Charleston Gaillard Center and an integral part of our mission. By broadening the reach of arts-education in the Lowcountry the Gaillard Center encourages learning through the arts and serves as a powerful tool for student achievement and personal development while providing people of all ages with the opportunity to cultivate and grow their talents and appreciation for the arts.

Led by Director of Education, Sterling deVries along with Artist-In-Residence, Charlton Singleton, the Gaillard Education Initiative reaches thousands of students in hundreds of schools across the Lowcountry with programs that enrich, inspire and engage.

Director of Education

Sterling deVries

Sterling deVries, the Director of Education at the Charleston Gaillard Center is dedicated to supporting the educational community through the arts. Following fifteen years as a classroom teacher, deVries builds on the knowledge that arts are an integral part of classroom content. Her Master’s degree in Arts in Education changed her approach to teaching and resulted in a student-centered, arts-enhanced method of content mastery. As the Director of Education, deVries strives to bring educational performances from around the world to expose all children to the value of the arts. With each performance, deVries teachers in-school workshops preparing the students for the content of the performance, connecting it to classroom curricula and delivering the workshop through the arts.


If you would like to schedule an in-school workshop, please email Sterling at



Charlton Singleton

Charlton Singleton has emerged in the last several years as the face of jazz performance in the Lowcountry. After long stints in various small ensembles playing many styles of popular music, he became conductor and artistic director of the Charleston Jazz Orchestra, a 20-piece aggregation at the vanguard of jazz in South Carolina today that arose from the prototypical Charlton Singleton Orchestra in March of 2008. 

As Artist-In-Residence, Charlton takes his knowledge of jazz and performing into the classroom. Charlton offers in-school workshops, lectures, and lessons, engaging Lowcountry students in the rich history of jazz in Charleston. Charlton is available to work with music teachers, band directors, and classroom teachers to implement lessons. He will plan lessons around the needs of the teacher.

If you would like to schedule an in-school visit and/or residency, please email Charlton at

Available workshops, lectures, and lessons can include: 

Black History Month and Music (All Grades)
Historical figures of jazz and the impact on current music in society

Harlem Renaissance (Grades 3rd-12th)
A look at jazz during this pivotal time in U.S. History

Careers in Music (Middle/High School)
An overview of careers in the music industry, including performers, songwriters, management, and behind-the-scenes opportunities.

Origins of Jazz (All Grades)
How jazz began and how South Carolina and the Lowcountry have played an integral part in the development of this genre of music

Origins of Jazz (Grades K-2nd)
Lesson based on, Hey Charleston: The True Story of the Jenkins Orphanage Band, includes trumpet demonstration, question and answer

Music Clinics/Preparation for Performance (Middle/High School)
Direction for all bands/chorus/strings, etc.