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My Father’s Dragon

The Gaillard’s Education Initiative mission is to provide world-class educational opportunities for our community. We do this by bringing 12 curriculum based performance each season. My Father’s Dragon is one piece of that season. Charleston Gaillard Education Initiative is thrilled to present Enchantment Theatre’s production of My Father’s Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannet. This performance will take place on March 26, 2018, in the Martha and John M. Rivers Performance Hall. We will welcome approximately 2,000 Lowcountry school students to a 10:30 and 1 pm performance. The 1 pm is also open to the public. CLICK HERE to learn more about the 1 pm performance.

In order to support arts-education research, the Gaillard Education Initiative joined a research study by Purdue University in partnership with Enchantment Theatre. This study, led by Amanda Mayes, will examine the impact of the performing arts and literacy skills. Six Lowcountry schools graciously signed up for the research component of the study. The schools include: Murray LaSaine Elementary, Angel Oak Elementary, MC Hursey Elementary, Newington Elementary, Pepperhill Elementary and Orange Grove Elementary. These six schools were issued 600 copied of My Father’s Dragon to read with approximately 750 kindergarten through third graders. Teachers read the books aloud, used as a class read along and in small groups. Depending on the control groups, some students will complete a comprehension assessment prior to the performance and others following the performance.

On March 26, 2018, the day of the live performance of My Father’s Dragon by Enchantment Theatre, the Charleston Gaillard Education Initiative in collaboration with Murray LaSaine and Hursey Elementary will present the inaugural student art installation, “My Father’s Dragon”. The artwork created by the amazing students at both schools will be on display through April 11, 2018, for public viewing in the main lobby of the Charleston Gaillard Center. We thank Ms. Heather Teems for taking the extra initiative to lead her school in arts-education and all of the teachers at the six schools participating in the study for supporting arts education. CLICK HERE to learn more about the “My Father’s Dragon” student art installation.