Donors and Members

Each year, members and donors bring the arts to life by helping support opportunities to participate, celebrate and grow through the performing arts. The Gaillard Center’s members and donors support more than 25,000 students in arts-education programs and outreach efforts, plus a variety of incredible community events hosted at the Gaillard Center. All that we offer would not be possible without the amazing support of each and every member and donor.

Charleston Gaillard Center Three-Year Dance Initiative

The Charleston Gaillard Center is committed to a three-year dance initiative, which will bring some of the world’s best dancers and ballet companies to the Lowcountry. Beginning in 2021 and ending in 2023, the program includes free and paid performances, educational outreach, and opportunities for adult education.

Support for this program is made possible by generous donors who have committed time and resources to the Charleston Gaillard Center’s Dance Initiative.

Dance Initiative Donors

Celeste and Charles Patrick
The Constant Trust
Mrs. Martha R Ingram, Martha Rivers Ingram Advised Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
Ronda Dean
Courtenay Fain
David and Helen Savard
Herzman-Fishman Charitable Fund
Kennedy-Herterich Foundation
Susan and Jim Sullivan
South Carolina Arts Commission
Helene and Jim Rovito
Explore Charleston
Dr. Renée Dobbins Anderson

Charleston Gaillard Center Members

Cindy Albrecht
Nella Barkley
Ronda Dean
Paul DePalma
Dr. & Mrs. Richard and Wendy Gilder
Helen Hill
Mason Holland
Martha Rivers Ingram
Edward McKelvey
Charles and Celeste Patrick, J.D.
Mr. George Reeth
Nedenia Rumbough
Lesa Watts

Wendy Culp
Hank and Laurel Greer
Marvin Jenkins
Louis and Susan Kaufman
Edward Legasey
Gary Lindberg
Mr. David Savard
Mr. Jacien Steele
Jeffery Weingarten

Dr. Renée D. Anderson
Julia Andres
Mr. Stephen Bedard
Mr. Donald Cooper
Arthur Dougherty
RDML Stephen Evans
Jim Fede
Dr. Cara S. Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Rajan and Suman Govindan
Mr. and Mrs. Elizabeth & Howard Guenther
John Henderson
Sherry and Kenneth Hirsch
Paul Hooker, Jr.
Nick Howley
Mr. Michael Kirk
Michael Kraus
Kelly Lance
Mrs. Cynthia Lett

Marie Lord
Heather McFarlin
Dr. Florence and Alan Medlin
Scott A. & Janet M. Millimet
Mr. & Mrs. William Moffitt
Steve Pennington
Mary Prelack
Mr. Joseph Rice
Mr. John Rivers
Candra Seley
Robert Skaggs
Jack Spencer
Beverly Stearns
Jimmy Streetman
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Foster & Betty Thalheimer
Louis and Frances Vitale
Mrs. Maureen L. White
Dr. Peter Zavell

Mr. John Altergott
Charles and Susan Altman
Ms. Georgia Bell
Iris and James Bennett
Dr. P. George Benson
Barbara Berger
Steve Berry
Mark & Vanja Broadwater
Vikki Callison
Lynda Campbell
John Carew
Timothy Colbert
Ms. Elizabeth Cornwell
Carla Davis
Patricia DeGennaro
Mr. and Mrs. Nancy and Ralph Edwards
Evie Evans
Ms. Patricia Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene & Paula Freed
Veronica D. and Peter B. Goodrich
Mr. & Mrs. James Goodwin
Thomas and Catherine Gow
Mr. and Mrs. William Higley
Gail Coutcher and Timothy W. Hughes
Carolyn Hunter
Dr. Brian Jones
Rebecca Joye
Mr. Peter Key
Megan Kilb
Steve Krameisen
Stanley Landis
Mr. Terry Lazar

Rick McGeorge and Leslie Eglin
Daniel Limata
John Lynn McCants
Joe Michael
Robert Mullally
Dr. & Mrs. Gary Neiman
Mr. Vincent Northcutt
Mr. Thomas O’Brien
Mr. Greg Padgett
Ralph Petereit
Mr. Joseph Pickett
Jeff Porter
Lin and Richard Raines
Richard Rice
Debbie Rice-Marko
The Honorable Joseph P. Riley, Jr., J.D
Mr. Joel Rosenblatt
Andrea Rousseaux
Mr. and Mrs. James and Helene Rovito
Blane Ruschak
Matthew Samsel
Mr. Eugene Scherich
Ladd Shuford
Leah Simmons
Ronni Szeszko
Mr. Peter Tague
Diane Tausig
James Thompson
Karen Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Barbara and Jock Vincentsen
The Honorable Keith Waring
David Wright

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