Charleston Gaillard Center Presents

Spiegeltent: Kyshona
Opener: KoDa

No upcoming perfomances found for this event.

About Kyshona

Experience the soulful storytelling of Kyshona through her incredible sound, influenced by roots, rock, R&B, and folk.

…wherever she plants her feet, she does so with righteous conviction and a strong sense of her own voice.

NPR Music

Kyshona is an artist ignited by untold stories, and the capacity of those stories to thread connection in every community. With the background of a licensed music therapist, the curiosity of a writer, the patience of a friend, the vision of a social entrepreneur, the resolve of an activist, and the voice of a singer – Kyshona is unrelenting in her pursuit for the healing power of song.

She lends her voice and music to those that feel they have been silenced or forgotten. She facilitates writing sessions with groups and individuals who feel left out or marginalized, in hopes of reconnecting those who are divided.

Her song Listen became an anthem for many in 2020. Of her album, one fan reviewer wrote: “Amidst these hard, divisive times this set of songs is a salve for the grief many of us are feeling about resulting loss of family, friends, and community.”

About KoDa

Local musicians Tim Davis & Jeff Kozelski come together to create their new duo KoDa. Tim’s booming soulful voice is something special that was made for serenading. Pair him with Kozelski’s guitar, and you have the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Spiegeltent heated?

The Spiegeltent is equipped with both heating and air conditioning to keep the tent a comfortable temperature for all shows.

Are there any prohibited items?

Prohibited items include gum, weapons of any kind (including pocket knives and firearms), projectiles, and illegal substances.

Is there a restroom inside the Spiegeltent?

There are no restrooms inside the Spiegeltent. You may use the restroom inside the Gaillard Center.