Charleston Gaillard Center Presents

Fela! The Concert

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“Bright and energetic – go along ready to dance” […] “Absorb the contagious energy of Fela! The Concert…an all-night Afrobeats dance party

Ali Moylan, Adelaide INDAILY

From the songs to the sets, Fela! The Concert screams color and excitement…that will leave you wanting more

Paige Mulholland,

Full of energy in constant motion, Fela! The Concert radiates joy and leaves audiences on their feet wanting more. The sensual, eclectic sounds and powerful lyrics of Fela Kuti, the founding father of Afrobeat, prove why he became one of the world’s most celebrated and rebellious music legends. Set against a soaring canvas of projected images, Fela! The Concert is driven by the electrifying rhythms from a live 10-piece Afrobeat band, with six singers and dancers who bring to life Fela’s provocative spirit. Fela! The Concert features members of the original Broadway cast from the highly acclaimed Tony Award-winning production Fela!

Song List

Everything Scatter

The Clock – Yellow Fever, Ikoyi Blindness

Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake Am

Expensive Shit

Water No Get Enemy


Sorrow Tears and Blood

Opposite People

No Buredi

Colonial Mentality – encore